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Will Michael Vick accept pay cut to stay with Eagles?

The hiring of Chip Kelly by the Philadelphia Eagles was a favorable development for quarterback Michael Vick, who looms as a decent fit in the new coach's beloved spread offense.

Vick was perceived to be a goner this offseason, but Ian Rapoport reports the 32-year-old passer would like to stay with the Eagles. His future in Philadelphia obviously boils down to greenbacks, because the team isn't about to pay Vick's $15.5 million salary for 2013. So will he accept a pay cut?

A source told Rapoport that depends on how steep the reduction is. The source did not rule out a restructuring of Vick's deal, but noted there's a lot of difference between a $1 pay cut and a $15 million slice. Indeed.

Vick reportedly met with Kelly on Friday, but the quarterback doesn't appear open to a major salary chop. The money issue can't be avoided for long, with Vick already due $3 million if he's still on the roster by Feb. 6.

Kelly's take on first-year starter Nick Foles might play a factor in Vick's future. If Kelly believes Foles can adequately run his offense, the desire to pay for a past-his-prime Vick isn't especially attractive. If Vick is willing to play ball on the epic $100 million contract he signed in 2011, he's likely to have a place on the roster in 2013.

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