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Wilcots: 'Gregg Williams went way too far'

One of the most intriguing aspects of the "bounty" investigation is trying to discern just how unusual Gregg Williams' attitude and orders were within NFL circles.

We've seen scattered reports suggesting bounties are nothing new to football, but is it common for defensive strategies to be laid out as implicitly as Williams did for the New Orleans Saints?

NFL Network analyst Solomon Wilcots played six seasons as a defensive back for the Cincinnati Bengals, Minnesota Vikings and Pittsburgh Steelers from 1987-1992. Wilcots said he never was a part of anything that approached Williams' attitude.

"I've been in those kinds of meetings where we're preparing to play in a postseason game," Wilcots said on NFL Network. "It's single elimination, the intensity is very high, you want your defense to play with an attacking style, a ravenous style. And I've heard coaches talk about body parts to players, but only with the understanding that players are limited because they have a knee injury, that yes, if we do attack them maybe we want to break their will.

"I think the literal sense of attacking certain players and their body parts to put them out of the game that suggesting, 'Hey, I got you by doing this' and going after the chin. That's where Gregg Williams went way too far."

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