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Why Robert Kraft called Bill Belichick a 'schmuck'

We're happy to say it's been a while since we had a "Spygate" story to write about. So the story told by New York Daily News columnist Gary Myers in his new book: "Coaching Confidential: Inside the Fraternity of NFL Coaches" has to be pretty good to make the cut.

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New England Patriots owner Robert Kraft told Myers a story of confronting Bill Belichick about taping the New York Jets' signals when the controversy arose.

"How much did this help us on a scale of 1 to 100?" Kraft asked Belichick in an excerpt from the Boston Globe.

"One," Belichick responded.

"Then you're a real schmuck," Kraft said he told Belichick.

Kraft went on to say that taping signals was widely known around the league. Then-Jets coach Herm Edwards and assistant Donnie Henderson once waved at the cameras in 2004.

"How much do you think that helped us?" Kraft asked. "How much of a surprise was it to (Jets coach Eric) Mangini and (general manager Mike) Tannenbaum?

"You know how many teams steal signals? That's bupkis . . . We kicked (the Jets) off our roof (in 2006)."

The Globe relays a few other cool insider nuggets from the book. It sounds like a great pickup for the football book addict in your life.

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