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Why Robert Griffin III ditched pregame headphones

Mainly because Robert Griffin III operates under an electron microscope, we have the following:

The Washington Redskins' rookie quarterback -- like many of his peers -- has a habit of wearing headphones before games. In pregame warm-ups before facing the Buffalo Bills and Chicago Bears this preseason, RG3 was seen frolicking around and listening to music, bothering not a soul.

That safe pattern has been interrupted.

Before Saturday's game against the Indianapolis Colts, RG3 went without the gear, and Dan Steinberg of The Washington Post has connected the dots to suggest that on-air criticism from Hall of Famer and former Redskins signal-caller Sonny Jurgensen and the media hordes has led to a revised pregame ritual.

Jurgensen -- at age 78 an intriguing member of the fashion police -- apparently critiqued RG3 during a Redskins Radio Network broadcast.

Our two cents: Maybe RG3 grew sensitive to the matter, but the Redskins-Colts game unfolded below a driving rain that smudged out the sun before and during the contest. Might have been a factor contributing to this arguably meaningless news item.

We vote for Griffin to listen to nobody but himself on this matter (if, indeed, it's even a matter to begin with). Travel your own road, sir. It's what got you here.

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