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Who was the greatest son of an NFL player?

Happy Father's Day weekend everybody; a great time to look back at all of the things that your father has done for you. And in honor of this weekend, we have a few special things planned, but after looking at some of the biggest disappointments of NFL offspring, it's only fair to look at the players who did their NFL papas proud.

And without further ado ...

6. Eric Metcalf
Eric is the son of former NFLer Terry Metcalf who was a first-team all-pro with the St. Louis Cardinals in 1975. Metcalf was a three-time Pro Bowl player and is tied with Devin Hester for the most punt returns for a touchdown in a career (10). And a special aside, Metcalf was part of the package the Chargers gave to the Cardinals for the rights to draft Ryan Leaf.

5. Clay Matthews III
Matthews is a third generation NFL star, his father Clay Matthews II played for 19 seasons, his grandfather Clay Matthews played for the 49ers in the 1950s, and his uncle is Pro Football Hall of Famer Bruce Matthews. Clay Matthews III has already been selected to a pair of Pro Bowls in his first two seasons, the NFC defensive player of the year in 2010 and secured the first Super Bowl championship in family history. He will continue to climb this list if he continues on his current pace.

4. Matt Hasselbeck
Former Patriots TE Don Hasselbeck had two sons become NFL quarterbacks, Matt and Tim Hasselbeck. Matt, of course, has been the most successful. At least on the field, as Tim did manage to snag the former Miss Elisabeth Filarski. But this is an on-field list and Hasselbeck has put together a pretty solid career spent mostly in Seattle. At least for now.

3. Bert Jones
The 1976 NFL MVP was the son of former Browns running back Dub Jones, but injuries kept him from reaching his true potential. But don't let me convince you that the "Ruston Rifle" was one of the best. Giants GM Ernie Acorsi said he probably would have been the greatest ever under different circumstances. And Bill Belichick called Jones the best pure passer that he ever saw.

2. Eli Manning
I'll never be down with the way Archie orchestrated his youngest son's tantrum to get him out of playing in San Diego, you have to give Eli credit for leading the Giants to a Super Bowl title. Much to my chagrin, of course.

1. Peyton Manning
How can Manning not be the top guy? A Super Bowl title, four MVP awards, inching toward holding the majority of all passing records of the NFL. Manning has to be the top guy. And in honor of saying something positive about Manning, I will not mention the many, many, many playoff failures. I will not do it. So congratulations Peyton, you top the list.

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