Who doth figure to be king of the NFL's royal family?

Many of your wives and girlfriends woke up early Friday (1 a.m. for us here on the West Coast -- not long after the first-round of the draft ended) to watch the royal wedding. The ridiculous display of rewarding people who were merely born into the right family.

Thankfully, the NFL does not reward people for merely being born into the right family. In this league, you have to work for your honors.

Eli Manning notwithstanding.

So who would be considered NFL royalty? Well, here is a unique list as we count down a half-dozen souls who belong in the NFL's royal family.

And without further ado ...

6. Court Jester -- Chad Ochocinco
The royal court jesters were once known as "licensed fools," and that description certainly fits here. These fools were asked to juggle, clown around and tell riddles. Although that requirement could probably be updated to include tweeting.

5. Sergeant at Arms -- Ray Lewis
Somebody has to protect the royal family and provide security. Who would be better than one of the top defenders over the last decade?

4. Prince of New England -- Tom Brady
As tabloid fodder -- and because he has more hair than the elder prince, groom William -- Brady seems like a natural here, mirroring his younger counterpart Prince Harry of Wales. And if I'm not mistaken, Harry probably would have more Super Bowl wins than his older brother, too. Just a guess though.

3. Prince of Indy -- Peyton Manning
Manning seems cut from the same cloth as Prince William, who is more conservative than his younger brother. And he's also losing his hair. Like Prince William, who one day will be king of England, Manning seems to take his place in NFL history very seriously.

2. Queen -- Rita Le Blanc
Le Blanc has taken a larger role with the Saints and figures to one day be the owner.

1. King -- John Madden
Boom! He's a king! The almighty king is so powerful, he even has his own curse. Take that, black plague.

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