Which team is the best fit for Tim Tebow?

It didn't take long for a market to develop for Tim Tebow. The New York Jets and Jacksonville Jaguars appear to be the most interested in landing the Denver Broncos quarterback, with other organizations intrigued, as well. Which team do you consider the best fit for Tebow right now?

  • Jason La Canfora NFL Network
  • Bills make most sense, but Dolphins, Eagles, Patriots and Packers could work, too

Tim Tebow makes sense for the Buffalo Bills, with Ryan Fitzpatrick struggling in the second half of last season and Chan Gailey being a spread-option proponent. Gailey liked Tebow out of college, and we all know the Bills could use help on the national profile/marketing side of things.

Miami, despite their posturing to the contrary, could use a reason for hope -- at least among Tebow Nation Floridians.

If the price tag is cheap enough, I can't help but think Philly might consider making a move. They had Vince Young a year ago, need to protect Mike Vick when they run option stuff and Andy Reid is a QB guru.

If Tebow is open to running some tight end/H-back stuff and wants a ring, New England would be an option. Green Bay needs a backup QB ...

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  • Jacksonville's a running team and Tebow's a runner who can throw

First off, all this debate over Tebow isn't a reflection on the person or the player. It's a reflection on his style of quarterbacking. That's why Jacksonville would be the best fit for him. The Jags are a running team and he's a runner who can throw. While we say that Tebow has to improve if he wants to stick as an NFL quarterback, so does Jacksonville's Blaine Gabbert, who struggled through his rookie season in a bad, one-dimensional, non-creative offense.

Though no fault of Tebow's, Gabbert wouldn't have much room for error with Tebow around. Every mistake would lead to calls from Tebow Nation, which would be the driving force for Jags owner Shahid Khan to pursue him. The personnel folks do not want Tebow and some coaches know his presence would be problematic. This, I know. They would have to deal with him, though, if the owner said so. And new coach Mike Mularkey would find a way. Mularkey was part of the Steelers' coaching staff in Kordell Stewart's "Slash" era, so he has the creativity to make something work.

The Jets are said to be interested, but that would be a disaster. Antonio Cromartie already tweeted that the team doesn't need Tebow, and injecting him into that locker room would only add to the divergent personalities on a team that won't be competitive unless some bridge building and ego checking occur.

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  • Jets can give Tebow the best opportunity to get on the field

Although I think the Jaguars would be the best fit if it meant Tebow would be able to jump into a starting quarterback role, let's be real: That's just not the way this is going to go down. And as a result, the Jets might instead be most willing to give Tebow more of an opportunity to get on the field than any other team in the league. You can even let him compete with Mark Sanchez, knowing Sanchez is always going to look like the better quarterback in practice, then use Tebow as a separate weapon (perhaps as an H-back who can throw a decent enough pass). Tony Sparano ran the Wildcat in Miami. Sell Tebow on it. Make him believe he'll have his chance. And hey, maybe he eventually will. Either way, you get yourself an experimental weapon at a potentially very low price.

I keep hearing two questions about this possible pairing:

Will Tebow ruin Sanchez's confidence?

Will Tebow be able to handle the New York media market?

In regard to the first question, if Sanchez is really that weak, the Jets have a far bigger problem with their starting QB. And on the second inquiry, I'm not sure if you noticed, but Tebow deals with pressure no matter where he goes. While New York might view itself as a major monster, Tebow isn't exactly a little fish. I say bring it on. Of any team in the NFL, the Jets make the most sense as a place where Tebow will get on the field and be viewed as a real, legitimate weapon.

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  • While the Jets could use Tebow in the Wildcat, Jacksonville's the best landing spot

With the Jets, he would take the place of Brad Smith in the Wildcat portion of the offense. Sanchez is their starter and they are committed to him.

Jaguars owner Shahid Khan has already publicly stated that he likes Tebow, and Jacksonville would provide tremendous fan support. Additionally, Blaine Gabbert struggled last year. Thus, I believe Jacksonville is his best fit.

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  • Bills coach Gailey would get the most out of Tebow's abilities

I'm near giddy the Jets have a rumored interest in Tim Tebow. Can you imagine what Mark Sanchez is thinking right now? It's one thing when you might lose your job to Peyton Manning. That's like being bumped from your spot at the Improv because Jerry Seinfeld suddenly shows up. You happily defer in that situation. But losing your job to Tebow? That has to be tough to swallow.

Though I'm still trying to figure out the Jets' motivation here. Do they feel that having the two worst quarterbacks in the league makes up for missing out on one of the best? Like two negatives equal a positive?

Honestly, the Bills made the most sense when the list of initial suitors first surfaced. Chan Gailey seems like the kind of coach who could get the most out of Tebow's abilities.

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