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Which sideline skirmish was the best? Let's take a look

Jets quarterback Mark Sanchez has backed off recent comments that he wanted to slug coach Rex Ryan. And for good reason, too -- did you guys see Ryan flip out during that Monday night game? Even CM Punk would have backed off those bold words. (Though, probably not, because CM Punk is awesome.)

Still, if Sanchez and Ryan did get into a sideline brawl, it would not be unusual. There have been numerous sideline incidents over the years, and here are six of my favorites.

6. The whiff

There is an old cliché that says that the best offensive linemen are anonymous offensive linemen. That certainly is no longer the case for Chiefs tackle Barry Richardson. We will just chalk this one up as a bad day.

5. Dre Day for Finnegan

The first thing my wife asked when she watched this highlight was, "Why is Andre Johnson fighting Wanda Sykes?" And she was right. There is no reason for an anonymous-to-the-casual-fan Cortland Finnegan fighting the guy who was carrying your fantasy team.

4. Coach fight!

The most amusing thing is not that Buddy Ryan slugged offensive coordinator Kevin Gilbride, but the Houston Oilers were actually up. How mad would these guys have been at each other if their team was actually losing?

3. Angry birds

A couple of things amuse me here, the porn mustache on then-Falcons coach June Jones -- who is clean shaven during his current coaching stint at SMU. That and Tom Arnold would have been a lock to play the quarterback in the Jeff George story.

2. The couple that fights together

Colts center Jeff Saturday has often described his relationship to Peyton Manning as being similar to that of a married couple. But Colts fans will be the first to tell you that they hate it when mommy and daddy fight.

1. Put a jersey on

One of my favorite Warren Sapp moments of all-time -- hitting a defenseless lineman who was about 50 yards away from the play. And then Sapp challenging a coach to put a jersey on. If Sapp makes it to the Hall of Fame, I would love for Chad Clifton (the lineman he hit) to be part of the intro montage. That needs to happen.

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