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Which NFL player has the ultimate bragging rights

Deion Sanders was recently selected to the College Football Hall of Fame, just months after getting the nod to join the Pro Football Hall of Fame.

And we all know that Deion likes to brag. But does he have the most to brag about?

When you look at on-the-field hardware, does he have as much to talk about as some of the other NFL greats? Well, we decided to put it out there for you. Trophy case vs. trophy case. But this is reserved to the truly special awards. If he won the MVP award, we're not counting that. Or the Pro Bowl, because really, that's just silly. 

The question is, where do you equate certain awards? Is winning a Heisman Trophy as good as winning an NFL MVP award? As good as two? Three? That is the big question.

We will stack them up here, and countdown the NFL player with the greatest hardware in their trophy case (not best player, best trophy case).


Peyton Manning

Impressive, sure. But at least one of those regular-season MVPs as well as that Super Bowl MVP were not deserved. And even if it was, too many individual awards.

Charles Woodson

Woodson could challenge for the top spot if he were to make it to the Pro Football or College Football Hall of Fame.

Reggie Bush

Bush would be considered but he had to give back three of his trophies. Saints Fans, hold your breath on that Super Bowl trophy.

And without further ado ...

6. Deion Sanders

Sanders should be pleased with this spot. Honestly, a World Series title with the Braves (that's the NLCS trophy up there), and he's pushing for the top spot.

5. Tom Brady

Brady has a national championship from the bench, three Super Bowls, two Super Bowl MVP awards, two regular-season MVP awards and Gisele. Plus, he's going to the Pro Football Hall of Fame at some point.

4. Roger Staubach

Heisman, Super Bowls, a Super Bowl MVP, both Hall of Fames and serving in the Navy. One regular-season MVP award, and he's no doubt the top guy on this list.

3. Terry Bradshaw

Four Super Bowls, two Super Bowl MVP awards, a regular-season MVP award and induction into both Hall of Fames. But the kicker -- appearing with Dean Martin and Sammy Davis Jr. in the Cannonball Run.

2. Joe Montana

Montana actually started in his national championship, has four Super Bowls and three Super Bowl MVPs. The surprising thing is that he has only two regular-season MVP awards. I mean, two less than Manning? No matter.

1. Tony Dorsett

This will certainly surprise some people. While he's rather shallow on the total number of awards, look at this from a poker perspective -- a royal flush beats four of a kind. Heisman, national championship and Super Bowl trophy? Plus he's in both Hall of Fames. No doubter right here.

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