Where is next year's Super Bowl? A Super Bowl FAQ


Many of you have questions about the Super Bowl. And while I sometimes take it for granted everybody knows everything going on, a lot of casual fans still have some questions.

So I enlisted the help of my mother-in-law, Patty McGillicuddy, to fire off some questions she had about the big game that you might have, too. Below is our text transcript.

Who is in the Super Bowl?

Has either team lost a Super Bowl?

No. The 49ers are 5-0. The Ravens are 1-0.

Are those the only two teams in Super Bowl history to be undefeated?

The Bucs, Saints and Jets are 1-0, too.

Now you're just pulling my leg, the Jets?

Nope, the Jets won Super Bowl III.

That had to be like 100 years ago, right?

Close, more than 40.

Do the players receive bonuses?

Each player on the winning team will receive $88,000. The losers win $44,000. Winning players in the first 11 Super Bowls received $15,000. Which in 1967 dollars was worth $103,000.

When is the Super Bowl?

Sunday, Feb. 3, 2013.

What time does the game start?

Kickoff is at 6:30 p.m. ET.

Is that really the time it's going to start or will there be endless pomp and circumstance?

All that comes before, the kickoff is at 6:30 p.m. ET.

Do we really need that long of a pregame show? It seems like it started already.


Where is it again?

New Orleans.

Have you packed yet?


What city has hosted the most games?

Miami and New Orleans have each hosted the Super Bowl 10 times.

Where is next year's Super Bowl?

MetLife Stadium in New Jersey.

Is it a dome?


Are they crazy?

Maybe a little.

What about after that?

University of Phoenix Stadium in Arizona.

Instead of moving a team to Los Angeles, why don't they build a stadium to host the Super Bowl there every year?

That would be awesome.

What channel is the game on?

Why does it matter? The host at your Super Bowl party will have the game turned on for you.

I know that, but I just want to know, is Joe Buck doing the game?


So who will call the game?

Jim Nantz and Phil Simms.

What do you think will be Nantz's cheesy call at the end of the game?

"Oh brother, (Winning) Harbaugh is a Super Bowl champion!"

You don't think he'll say something about Ray Lewis?

Fine. "Ray Lewis, save the last dance for the Lombardi Trophy."

Oh, I'm going to be sick. Don't you think that's too cheesy?


If the Ravens win, is there any way Ray Lewis isn't the Super Bowl MVP?

Not a chance. Joe Flacco could throw six touchdown passes and Lewis will be the MVP if the Ravens win. Count on it.

If the 49ers win, will this be the first time the World Series and Super Bowl winner come from the same city?

No, the Red Sox and Patriots did it in 2004. We also had the A's and 49ers in 1989, the Mets and Giants in 1986, Pirates and Steelers in 1979, and the Orioles and Colts in 1970.

Why does everybody at my Super Bowl party raise a toast when The Master's commercials come on?

Because it's a tradition unlike any other.

So the Harbaughs are brothers, are they twins?


Who is older?

John Harbaugh is 15 months older than Jim.

So his parents love him more?

We can't say. But probably.

Is this like Daryl and Brent Sutter going against each other?

Only you and I would get the reference.

Is one of these coaches going to "sabotage" the game for the other?

No. But it wouldn't surprise me if one of the losing players down the line claims this.

Tim Brown is off-base about that, right?

Absolutely. Notice how quickly he backed off his statements.

What is Kaepernicking?

It's the art of kissing your biceps after you score a touchdown.

So it's like Tebowing, right?

Well, sorta. But not really.

Why not?

Because Colin Kaepernick can actually play quarterback.

Who will perform the national anthem?

Alicia Keys.

Who will perform at halftime?


Any chance she doesn't lip-synch the whole thing?


Why can't Weird Al Yankovich to do the halftime show?

I know, right?

What are the uniform matchups?

The 49ers are the home team, so they will likely wear red uniforms, meaning the Ravens would be in the road whites.

White or black pants for the Ravens?

Not sure.

Have you ever noticed the Ravens dark pants look like tights?

Yes. Dave Dameshek points that out. A lot.

Who is the referee?

So who is it?

Why do you care? You won't know who it is. But it's Jerome Boger. Heard of him?


Told you.

Is it wrong for me to just be excited about the commercials?

A little.


Well, there is a football game going on.

I know, but I like the commercials, too.

Fine, the commercials are fun, too.

Got any extra tickets?


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