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Where does bull riding rank among Ochocinco's hobbies?

Chad Ochocinco rode a bull this weekend. (And we can talk about the use of the verb riding later on here.) And while I would like to chalk it up to the labor situation, the truth is, Ochocinco has spent a lot of time crafting this image and always seems to command our attention.

This is not the first time he's pulled a stunt like this. But where does this rank with his all-time hobbies? We will count that down right now -- and as an added bonus -- assign a letter grade to each foray.

Without further ado ...

6. Reporter

Ochocinco made a surprise appearance at the Super Bowl to ask commissioner Roger Goodell a question. Not a surprise considering that Ochocinco has dabbled in the news media with the launch of his OCNN network. And he might have a certain knack for it, but he still has a ways to go if he ever wants to be considered for host of the CBS Evening News (which he lost out on).

Grade: C+

5. Boxing

Ochocinco challenged Floyd Mayweather in the past (but you will have to get in line behind Manny Pacquiao) and was recently called out by Ravens safety turned boxer Tom Zbikowski. But like all of the hype typically found in boxing, this was more bluster than haymakers.

Grade: Incomplete

4. Soccer

Ochocinco trained with Sporting KC because apparently the lockout turned Ochocinco into an 8-year old girl. Just kidding. But Ochocinco seemed like a lock for the MLS considering that he has a terrible haircut, goes by one name and he falls to the ground at the slightest hint of contact. But at least he did put soccer on the radar, so you have to give him credit there.

Grade: D

3. Racing

The enigmatic receiver was still embracing his media-grabbing ways when he decided to race a horse for charity. This was back when he was still known at Chad Johnson, and this stunt was actually amusing. Chad won the race thanks to a huge lead. But hey, if there is no flag on the play, the call stands.

Grade: B

2. Bull riding

Maybe Luke Perry made bull riding seem too easy during his epic film, "8 Seconds." Despite trying to back out, Ochocinco did end up riding the bull. Though riding might be kind of the wrong adjective to use here. Still, this is a lot tougher than going over the middle. But he does lose a few points for wearing a helmet. Perry's stuntman didn't wear one.

Grade: A (for the guts), F (for the actual bull riding)

1. WR for the Bengals

Here is a job that many of us probably forgot that Ochocinco actually did … being an NFL receiver.

Grade: Meh

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