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Where do these moments rank on Rosenhaus' awkward scale?

Plaxico Burress was released from jail this week. And I think we all remember where we were when we saw super-agent Drew Rosenhaus leap into the arms of Burress as he made his walk to freedom. Because it just seemed so awkward.

So, on this fine weekend, we look at the most awkward moments from 2010. Because it appears that somebody is in the process of running away with the 2011 title.

And without further ado ...

Best of the rest

We get things rolling here with a few of the awkward moments that did not make our list. Better luck to you ladies and gentlemen next year!

6. Lace's out

Kickers can never win. Everybody expects you to make the big kick, but if you miss, you are the most hated man in your home city. But a defensive lineman finally got his chance to show just how easy this whole kicking thing is. Or did he?

5. Good game, good game

The coach's handshake is often routine, with coaches going through the motions like it's a late season Browns-Bills game. These guys can barely stand to look at each other. Sometimes you get a nice blowup. And when you do, you should embrace it and enjoy.

4. Can I get your autograph?

You all remember what it was like asking for your favorite player's autograph? You are so shy, you tense up and can barely speak to the person. Of course, for many of us, that happened when we were 10. Not as grown men playing in the NFL.

3. Contain yourself

The NFL has been home of some of the most interesting celebrations around. Many players often pride themselves in the creativity put into said celebrations. But one player might want to have a do over after this celebration went a little bit too far.

2. Take a knee

Giants coach Tom Coughlin prides himself in his attention to detail. If you are five minutes early for a meeting, you are right on time. But maybe the coach should take a little more time to ensure that his players can perform the basics ... like running and sliding at the same time.

1. No. 500

Vikings quarterback Brett Favre has had his fair share of awkward moments recently. Some of them even happened on the field.

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