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When it comes to wardrobe malfunctions, this one tops the list

As long as the NFL has had uniforms, there have been uniform malfunctions.

Sometimes, the uniforms themselves have been a malfunction. Especially when you look at some of these uniforms from the Bears, Steelers and Bills. As we head into Memorial Day weekend, it seems fitting to take a walk down memory lane and look at the six biggest wardrobe malfunctions in NFL history. And without further ado ...

6. Tommy Kelly

You often hear that NFL players lose a lot of weight during the course of an NFL game. Tommy Kelly seems to have lost so much weight in this game against Denver that even Jared from Subway is going to be jealous.

5. Jake Delhomme

Jake Delhomme has had a lot of embarrassing moments in the NFL. Most of them, however, have come with him trying to play quarterback. This time, his wardrobe let him down.

4. Ed Hochuli

I'm not sure if you have checked out our new photo-essay feature. But, spoiler alert, we compare Hochuli to actor/governor/father-of-the-year candidate Arnold Schwarzenegger. At least in the arms. But, hey, it's not like Hochuli likes to flash those guns. ... Oh, wait. He certainly does.

3. Devin Hester

As a younger man, I applauded those television shows that took advantage of safe-harbor laws and pushed the envelope. This wardrobe malfunction by Devin Hester had me questioning that notion.

2. Brad Childress

You never want to see a man lose his job. Especially when his wardrobe -- or accessories -- bring so much joy. Seriously, what is going on with this get-up?

1. Janet Jackson

Come on, this is the Mona Lisa of wardrobe malfunctions. The wardrobe malfunction that brought the term "wardrobe malfunction" into our lexicon.

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