When it comes to celebrations, these guys were failures

Eagles wide receiver DeSean Jackson recently stopped by the NFL Network studios, and, yes, he's still trying to live down his infamous celebration malfunction from his rookie season. Was it the biggest celebration failure in NFL history? Jackson certainly believes so, but we'll take a crack at it with our countdown of the all-time celebration failures.

Without further ado ...

6. Terrell Owens

The Cowboys-49ers rivalry that highlighted the 1990s had faded, but that didn't stop Terrell Owens from trying to stoke the fire. Owens wasn't the failure here.

5. DeSean Jackson

The catch? Good. The run? Awesome. The celebration dance? A thing of beauty. But only one thing could spoil this perfect moment for Jackson.

4. Drew Stanton

Unlike Jackson's failure, this move didn't cost the Lions any points. Just a backup quarterback's dignity.

3. Leon Lett

Lett was living the dream, until Don Beebe took that from him. At least the Bills have one Super Bowl memory to cherish.

2. Gus Frerotte

Frerotte made headlines when he beat out Heath Shuler to be the Redskins' starting quarterback. Unfortunately, nobody remembers that after this bone-headed move.

1. Bill Gramatica

It certainly didn't help kickers' reputations when this celebration went wrong.

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