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What trade would you like to see before the 2012 season?

The news of a fake Mike Jenkins, Dallas-to-Oakland trade swept the NFL on Tuesday night. While the deal proved to be a ruse, it did get us thinking: What potential trade would you like to see made before the 2012 season?

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  • Ian Rapoport NFL Network
  • Patriots should send Vikings draft picks for star DE Allen

Even after stocking up in the draft with defenders who can rush the passer like Chandler Jones and Dont'a Hightower, the Patriots still have that need in their sub packages. I have the perfect solution: Trade for Vikings defensive end Jared Allen.

At 30 years old and coming off a 22-sack season, Allen still has game. But he might be ready to start transitioning into being a part-time pass-rush specialist, while the Vikings can slide Everson Griffen into his vacated spot. Perhaps a third- and a fourth-rounder will get the deal done, though Allen would have to renegotiate his salary. (He's slated to earn $11.6 million in 2012.) Then the Pats wouldn't have to re-sign Andre Carter to add pass-rush help, and the rebuilding Vikings would have more fuel for the future and some salary cap relief.

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  • Chad ReuterNFL Network
  • If Dallas really wants to trade Jenkins, send him to Tampa for Talib

If Dallas were truly interested in trading Mike Jenkins, an intriguing possibility would be to send him to Tampa Bay in exchange for troubled-but-talented cornerback Aqib Talib.

Jenkins played his college ball at South Florida, so a return to the Tampa area might suit him. The results of Talib's June trial regarding his charges for assault with a deadly weapon (and league's decision on a suspension) might need to play out first, but Jerry Jones is certainly not afraid to take on players who can be difference makers on the field -- even if they aren't always squeaky clean off it.

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  • Jason Smith
  • Trade the Raiders (and Pete Carroll) back to Los Angeles

The first thing that needs to happen before any trades are made is the Raiders must move back to Los Angeles. Then they start to wheel and deal.

Pete Carroll may or may not ever ultimately win in Seattle, so let's do the right thing. The Seahawks trade their head coach to the Raiders in exchange for Darrius Heyward-Bey. Seattle gets another receiver who may or may not be good, and Carroll makes it back to his old stomping grounds. Then Carroll's first move is to trade 2013's first-round pick to the Jets for Mark Sanchez. Then he has the band back together: They're in Los Angeles, with Carson Palmer as the starter, followed by Matt Leinart and then Sanchez as the No. 3. John David Booty will be on the practice squad. You want the NFL to succeed in Los Angeles? Here you go. The Raiders, playing back in the Coliseum, will win the AFC West easily, even though they'll struggle with Oregon and in night games in the state of Washington. Carroll can recruit the area like mad. ("Hey, Ryan Mathews, I have a scholarship for you right now!") Norm Chow's offense will be unlike anything the NFL has ever seen. Reggie Bush, finally good in the NFL, will do anything he can to team up with them -- and his parents can live anywhere they want without fear of investigation.

The only thing stopping this team would be themselves. Or Vince Young.

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  • Dave Dameshek
  • I propose a new system across sports: One GM per city

You really wanna shake things up? Then pick up what I'm about to lay down: The "One GM Per City" rule. Instead of each pro franchise having its own general manager, every sports town gets one GM. Just think of the possibilities ...

The Browns need a wide receiver, right? In our new system, Cleveland's GM can simply call Dallas and get Dez Bryant in exchange for Kyrie Irving. Everyone's a winner! (Well, maybe that's a little lopsided -- Dallas might have to throw in Neftali Feliz to round things out ...)

Ryan Tannehill might not like it, but I gotta believe Miami would trade Jake Long for a shot-blocking center. Enjoy Indy, Jake, 'cause you've just been traded for Roy Hibbert.

Three-city trades? No problem. The Flyers need a goalie, the Yankees need a starting pitcher, the Lions need a cornerback. King Henrik to Philly, Doc Halladay to the Bronx, Nnamdi to Motor City. Done, done and done.

Matter of fact, why should we limit ourselves to individual players? Hey, St Louis -- would you be interested in an exciting, young NBA team? You take the Clippers, L.A. will take (back) the Rams. Not sure? L.A. will throw in Metta World Peace free of charge. (Even if the hoops team doesn't need him, his elbows will be put to good use by the Blues.)

Only problem is, we can't leave the one-sport towns like Green Bay, Sacramento and OKC out in the cold. Hmmm. Until we figure it out, keep yourselves warm in James Harden's beard.

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  • Adam Rank
  • Anaheim should trade Pujols back to St. Louis in exchange for the Rams

Some of the best deals are the ones that get rid of something you regret purchasing. So the most obvious deal to benefit both sides would be for the city of Anaheim (on behalf of the Angels) to send Albert Pujols back to St. Louis in exchange for the Rams.

Pujols might reach double-digit home run totals if he was back at Busch Stadium. And after a review of owner Stan Kroenke's proposal to refurbish the Edward Jones Dome, I'm sure most folks in St. Louis would be willing to help pack the moving vans to send the team back West. (Hey, you got a Super Bowl win out of it, so you're not being left empty handed.)

They call this a win-win in the business.

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