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Wes Welker worried he'd be booed in Boston return

Wes Welker is back in New England.

Well, for the time being. The former New England Patriot and current Denver Broncos wide receiver has been making the rounds in the region this week as a pitchman for Leonard Hair Transplant Associates.

When Welker joined the ATL Debate Club as a call-in guest Thursday, his unique endorsement situation was an obvious talking point. We also wondered how the fan favorite was being received in Boston after signing with the Patriots' biggest rival.

"I went to the Boston Bruins game last night and it was really cool seeing all the fans, a lot of them coming up, thanking me, wishing me the best and everything like that," Welker said. "It was really cool to see."

Did he walk into the TD North Garden worried he could get booed?

"A little bit ... I really wasn't sure what to expect," he said. "Earlier that day, I walked around Boston to get something to eat and everybody was very receptive, so I felt pretty good about it at that point. Going to the game was pretty much the same way."

We were surprised that Welker -- a man who averaged 112 catches in five seasons with the Patriots -- failed to receive the Jumbotron treatment during the game.

"I think they're more worried about the hockey and stuff like that," he deadpanned.

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»*On a disconnect between team and financial value for slot receivers:* "I don't know. I'd like to think that there is, but it is what it is. It's hard to really say whether a guy is an every-down player, or if you go by stats or playing time, it's really tough to say really what it's supposed to go on. I think it's all in the eye of the people writing the check."

»*On how his former team is handling the Aaron Hernandez situation:* "I think the same way I'm about to handle it right now. Basically just not have any sort of comment about it. There's just nothing really good that can come out of me saying anything about it at this point."

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