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Wes Welker's recent comments leave Patriots unhappy

The New England Patriots prefer their players to be seen, not heard. (Or at least not heard saying anything interesting.) This is especially true when it comes to contract negotiations.

That's why it's no surprise that the Patriots aren't happy with Wes Welker after his latest media tour. He told the Boston Herald on Thursday that contract negotiations with the team have "gotten worse."

The Boston Globe reports that Welker's words have not gone over well inside the Patriots' building. Welker also talked about a potential holdout on ESPN two weeks ago before deciding to sign his franchise tender.

"His words have only increased the chances that 2012 will be his final season with the team," Shalise Manza Young writes in the Globe.

On the one hand, the Patriots' decision to leak their unhappiness is all part of the negotiating game. They are making life uncomfortable for Welker. On the other hand, however, what Young writes undoubtedly is true. The Patriots have not shown any hesitation in removing players that took them on publicly. Deion Branch, Asante Samuel and Richard Seymour are three examples. (Logan Mankins, on the other hand, got his long-term deal after an ugly dispute.)

Welker is more valuable to the Patriots than he would be to any other team, so it would be a shame if he landed elsewhere. We suspect the Patriots and Welker will eventually find common ground.

In the meantime, we expect Welker won't be talking publicly as much.

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