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Wes Welker on Playbookgate: 'Mind games' common

Playbookgate has quickly receded from memory, your classic June NFL storyline that really wasn't really a story at all. Still, it's probably worth hearing out the man whose wedding served as ground zero for the mini-controversy.

You'll remember it was at Wes Welker's post-nuptials reception where New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady hinted to former New York Jets assistant coach Mike Smith that the Pats had come into possession of some Gang Green playbooks.

We learned this, of course, from a profile on Cleveland Browns coach Mike Pettine, who might have been on the hammer end of a Rex Ryan phone call last week.

During a Friday radio spot on Boston's The Sports Hub, Welker was asked if New England had obtained enemy intel.

"Not that I know of. Every little bit helps, but at the same time I don't know," he said. "It might (help). Not that I know of. My best friend from college was on the staff there with the Jets, Mike Smith, and we would always make stuff up with each other. Tom got to know Mike as well.

"Mike would say, 'Oh so-and-so is gonna cover you in the game -- actually no we're just gonna double team you.' And I would make stuff up, too. Every once in a while you throw something true in there just to throw him off. It was just playing mind games a little bit."

So there you have it. The Patriots maybe landed some Jets playbooks, or Brady might have just been playing those mind games. The mystery remains. Try to sleep tonight if you can.

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