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Wes Welker: Broncos in trouble if I have 112 catches

Wes Welker averaged 112 catches per year during his six seasons with the New England Patriots. Don't expect that to happen with the Denver Broncos.

"If I have to catch 112 balls, that probably means we're in trouble," Welker told The Denver Post on Monday after his first organized practice with Peyton Manning.

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Welker has meshed into a receiver-rich Broncos offense. With Demaryius Thomas and Eric Decker also on the roster, Welker won't be used the way he was with the Patriots. Still, Manning says he already feels some of that psychic connection Welker shared with Tom Brady.

"There's certain guys you just feel like you have timing with right away," Manning said, via "He's a guy that has a great feel for how to get open, and understands route concepts and, of course, he played in such a sophisticated offense there in New England, so he's a smart player."

Outside of Randy Moss, Welker rarely played alongside a legitimate deep threat with the Patriots. Thomas gives that to the Broncos, which should lead to plenty of one-on-one mismatches for everyone else.

The Broncos used three-receiver sets on 64 percent of their snaps last season. Look for that number to climb as the Broncos attack defenses with a maze of route combinations. After working with Brady all these years, Welker will be ready for anything Manning cooks up.

It will be fascinating to watch them work together.

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