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Welker calls for Patriots fans to bring mustaches to Gillette

Americans are known for their resilience, which might make the mustache the most American of all facial hair.

Yes, the mustache has experienced an unlikely cultural rebirth, a fashion statement no longer monopolized by creepy middle-aged men driving windowless vans.

All-Pro wide receiver Wes Welker can speak to the rise of the 'stache. He was asked in the Patriots locker room on Thursday what was growing on his upper lip.

"That's mustache," Welker explained, according to the Boston Herald. "I think some people have come up with names, but I don't know. We haven't come up with one yet. It seems to give you power, especially late in the season. So, I've been feeling it this week, and hopefully it carries through to Saturday."

Welker said he has grown the lip dressing in the name of charity. People who donate to the Wes Welker Foundation can get a T-shirt that reads, "Catching Passes & Growing Staches!"

"The Twitter followers, they've been posting their picks of their 'staches with me," Welker said. "Hopefully at Gillette, it'll be be 'stached out and ready to go for the game."

Gillette is helping to grant Welker his wish. Fans attending Saturday's divisional playoff game against the Broncoscan print out an instant mustache of their own.

We can't recall the bushy '90s goatee receiving this same regal treatment, but what can you do.

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