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We know the Packers will win, but who will they play?

Welcome to the second half of the 2011 NFL season. And what a half-season it has been. Aaron Rodgers continues to dominate the NFL and the Packers are going to win another Super Bowl. Though my previous bold prediction of the Dolphins making the playoffs seems to be a little bit off (hey, they can go 9-7 and still make the playoffs, who would be laughing then?).

But here is a look at six bold predictions that I am making for the second half of the season. And these picks are really going to come through.

And without further ado …

6. The Chargers, Cowboys and Jets miss the playoffs
These teams are like the FOX show "Terra Nova." Sure they look nice, cost a ton of money and the critics love them. But any time you watch them, you end up severely disappointed and wondering what the hype was all about. Don't worry, Norv, the Chargers won't fire you.

5. So do the Giants
The Giants are winning because of Eli Manning. That's akin to those extra miles your car gets on an empty fuel tank, but you know eventually that you will run out of gas. The Giants' second-half schedule (opponents' record 40-25) and Tony Romo's incompetence opens the door for Philly to win the East.

4. This is Tony Romo's final season with the Cowboys
Romo's career has directly mirrored the "Saw" movie franchise. It was an interesting story when it first started. But at some point, you realize it as equal parts repetitive and depressing and you need to pull the plug eventually because we all know how it's going to end (not well).

3. The Lions will make the playoffs
I called the Lions' playoff run to begin the year and I'm still on board. The Lions have a tough second-half schedule and the Lions of old would've folded. But this new attitude of the Lions gets them to 10-6 and a spot in the playoffs.

2. The Colts botch another chance at perfection
Coach Jim Caldwell drew the ire of the Colts' faithful when he pulled the team's starters while chasing a perfect season. He does it again, but in reverse, when he plays guys who actually try hard in Week 17. The Colts win their first game of the season, knock the Jags out of the playoffs and lose out on the No. 1 pick.

1. The Raiders win the AFC
The Raiders win the AFC West, knock off the Steelers in the first round and beat the Texans in the divisional round to reach the AFC Championship Game at New England. But replay won't save the Patriots as the hand of Al Davis reaches from the sky to knock the ball out of Tom Brady's hand to put the Raiders in the Super Bowl.

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