Ways to make NFL's all-star event more interesting

One of the most interesting comments tweeted to me Monday night asked me how many Americans actually thought the Home Run Derby was entertaining (followed by an appropriate bashing of the Red Sox). And I don't have the answer for that, other than I spent three hours watching it without flipping over to see what CM Punk was up to on RAW.

The NFL should take note of the Home Run Derby, though, as well as the NBA and NHL skills competitions. Those activities might be more popular than the all-star games themselves. So while the NFL has for years thought of ways to make the Pro Bowl more entertaining, it should have been looking outside the box and for the skills competitions themselves.

And something more than the Quarterback Challenge or the end-your-promising-career-playing-ball-on-the-beach event.

With that in mind, here are six ideas that would make the Pro Bowl more compelling.

And without further ado ...

6. Punt, pass and police chase
Look at this like a modernization or reimagining of a popular game that most of us participated in as kids. Titans WR Kenny Britt, of course, is the early favorite to take this challenge. Although, Plaxico Burress will now have two healthy legs to flee on this time, so he could be a dark horse. The loser of this competition has to play for the Bengals.

5. BCS champion vs. Buffalo Bills
Many have suspected that the Bills weren't better than your top college team, though we do figure that Auburn spent more on players than the Bills did last season. Now we get to find out on the field. Better yet, put this thing on TV, sell the rights and use that money to add to the players' revenue pool to help end the lockout.

4. Celebrities competing against Albert Haynesworth in skills challenge
Take a bunch of celebrities such as Kevin James, Hugh Grant and Brooklyn Decker and have them compete against Haynesworth in related football activities. You know who would probably do really well in this? Hugh Jackman.

3. Tweeting competition
You put two football players on the 50-yard line of Aloha Stadium, armed with an iPhone (see, another potential sponsorship deal there). Then you give them a topic like deficit reduction and 140 characters to see who can be the most ignorant. The winner gets free access to Rashard Mendenhall's Twitter account.

2. Offensive linemen 4x100 relay
Fat guys are always fun (present company excluded, of course). Fat guys doing something physical? Comedy gold. I would pay decent money to watch some of the NFL's 350-pounders such as Andre Smith and Max Jean-Gilles compete in a sprint relay. Only caveat, be sure to keep your shirts on, fellas.

1. End-zone celebration dance-off
If nothing else, this would give Chad Ochocinco and Terrell Owens something they could actually win.

Did I miss one? You can send more suggestions via Twitter or via Facebook. Be sure to catch the latest on the Dave Dameshek Football Program.

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