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Washington Redskins coaches expect to be fired

Washington Redskins coach Mike Shanahanwill meet with owner Dan Snyder early Monday morning to discuss Shanahan's future with the team. Redskins coaches do not expect to be employed much longer.

NFL Media's Jeff Darlington reports that Redskins coaches are working under the assumption they will be fired, according to multiple team sources.

"Everybody knows it's done," one source told Darlington, despite no official word from the owner. "It's just a waiting game. We've all accepted it."

Darlington reports that coaches are so convinced they'll be fired that many of them quietly packed their belongings last week, copying film cut-ups to their personal hard drives.

"I'll get a chance to talk to Dan tomorrow. I'll first talk to Dan and hopefully I'll get a chance to talk to you guys," Shanahan told reporters. "You guys can ask me all those questions you've been wanting to ask me for a while and I'll get a chance to answer them."

On Sunday, Shanahan said this season was "right up there" with some of his most difficult years of coaching. Shanahan said he has been talking with Snyder for several weeks, although he did not specify the nature of their conversations. The coach was asked if he had coached his final game with Redskins. His answer: "Well, like I said, I'll talk to you about that tomorrow."

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