Was David Carr a part of the worst first round ever?

The great thing about the NFL draft is every player is expected to contribute and have a long career. History, however, shows us this isn't always the case. Actually, it's never the case. Some of these guys are going to be a disappointment.

So seeing we walked through the draft's best first-rounds of all-time, it's only fair we take a look at the most disappointing first-rounds of all-time.

This was somewhat less scientific. Future Hall of Famers and Pro Bowl performers were given some consideration. Hype also played a factor in compiling this list.

Here are some classes that deserved consideration but didn't make the cut:

Almost Considered

2001 NFL Draft: There was a ton of talent in this draft, but Michael Vick has to count as a disappointment. He's had some success, but not with the Atlanta Falcons. Leonard Davis wasn't the player many thought he would be. Koren Robinson, Dan Morgan and Adam Archuletta are some of the most disappointing members of this draft. However, the Chargers did pretty well with LaDainian Tomlinson.

And without further ado ...

  • 1999 First Round

This was the start of a four-year lull in the first-round of the NFL draft. There were some great selections. Donovan McNabb and Edgerrin James came out of the top four. Torry Holt and Champ Bailey were exceptional players. But when you open with three quarterbacks -- Tim Couch, McNabb and Akili Smith -- and only one of them has a memorable career, that kind of sticks out.



2005 First Round

This class dominates from No. 24 (Aaron Rodgers), No. 27 (Roddy White) and No. 32 (Logan Menkins). It simply got off to a rough start. Alex Smith went first overall. We know how that ended. Ronnie Brown, Braylon Edwards, Cedric Benson, Cadillac Williams, Adam Jones and Troy Williamson round out the top seven. The talent's there, but none of it lived up to the hype. A clear disappointment.



2000 First Round

The Browns missed again with first-overall selection Courtney Brown. The Browns thought they had their QB of the future (Couch from 1999) and defensive end, too. Yeah, no wonder the Browns are still rebuilding in 2013. Brian Urlacher and Shaun Alexander went later in the first round. And hey, look, as much grief as the Raiders received for taking Sebastian Janikowski, he's the only first-rounder from this draft still playing with his original team.



2002 First Round

This draft is a complete mess if you remove Julius Peppers from the top 10. The Texans missed horrifically on quarterback David Carr, though he played behind a terrible offensive line for a few years. Quarterback Joey Harrington at No. 3 wasn't much better. Dwight Freeney and Ed Reed do give this first-round some credibility. But seriously, Carr and Harrington?



1992 First Round

The Colts held the first two picks of the draft. I mean, what were the odds the Colts would miss on two picks? If one of them didn't pan out, the other can't-miss prospect had to work out, right? Well, not so much. Steve Emtman was never able to get healthy. Quentin Coryatt dropped what could have been the game-clinching interception in the 1995 AFC Championship Game. I don't even need to look at the rest of the draft. This was clearly one of the most disappointing draft classes.



1984 First Round

This was the follow up to the best first-round in NFL history. Not only was the first-round dismal, but pretty much the entire draft, too. Irving Fryar was the first-overall pick and he was a five-time Pro Bowler. Carl Banks and Wilbur Marshall were productive players. No quarterbacks went in the first round. In fact, the first quarterback selected was Boomer Esiason in the second round.


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