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Warren Sapp rips Monte Kiffin, Trent Dilfer in book

Warren Sapp was known for having blunt press conferences during his career. It's no surprise his new book, "Sapp Attack," similarly doesn't pull any punches.

We haven't seen a copy yet, but the Tampa Bay Times pulled out some of the more interesting passages from the book. One takeaway that really stood out: Sapp thought defensive coordinator Monte Kiffin was an overrated self promoter.

"I always believed Kiffin (blitzed) so much because he wanted the glory; it made him feel like a great defensive coordinator," Sapp said.

This isn't a new train of thought for Sapp, now an NFL Network analyst. He has ripped Kiffin in the past for not giving Bucs players enough credit for the team's success. It's still eye-opening because Kiffin is such a revered figure in Tampa and throughout football.

Sapp also didn't look back too fondly on the Trent Dilfer era in Tampa.

"Dilfer ... basically was an interception waiting to happen," Sapp wrote. "There were times we practically pleaded with him, 'We know you're not going to score a touchdown, but please, just don't turn it over.' "

Dilfer wound up winning a Super Bowl in Baltimore by following those instructions. Sapp, with the help of Brad Johnson and Jon Gruden, got his title after the 2002 season.

"I always said that Tony Dungy put the damn cake in the oven, and then Jon Gruden came in and put the icing on it," Sapp wrote. "Of course, Sam Wyche couldn't even get the mix out of the box."

UPDATE: Someone alerted Dilfer to Sapp's new memoir, and the current ESPN analyst decided to take the high road in his response.

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