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Warren Moon: RGIII should keep injury talk 'in-house'

Robert Griffin III quickly has entered the highest echelon of NFL superstars. It's the level where every single thing the Washington Redskins quarterback does draws attention, from his wedding registry to how he handles his injury rehabilitation.

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Griffin's willingness to talk to the media about his recovery from knee surgery has come under scrutiny. Donovan McNabb wondered aloud about the wisdom of being so open, a point that Warren Moon agreed with on this week's edition of "The Rich Eisen Podcast."

"Most organizations don't talk about injuries at that type of length, that type of detail that he's been talking about his injury all offseason," Moon said. "So I don't agree with that. It's something you should keep in-house."

Griffin is put in a no-win situation. He avoided the media for as long as allowed this offseason, then the Redskins had to satisfy all the requests for RGIII's time by setting up a weekly press conference for him during organized team activities and mandatory minicamp. Griffin is naturally expansive in front of the microphone. It's part of why he's so popular. Moon doesn't think RGIII's public optimism will serve him well.

"You still have a long way to go," Moon said about Griffin's rehab. "Just because you are running around and doing things, it's totally different than getting in a game of contact. You set yourself up for disappointment if it doesn't work out that way and you set yourself up for criticism."

Moon thinks it comes back to the team for even allowing Griffin to speak at length on the issue. Moon knows infinitely more about dealing with the media than I ever will, but in this case the criticism feels misplaced.

Griffin will be scrutinized no matter what he says or does. That's just part of being Robert Griffin III.

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