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Ware takes pity on Tuck and his trash-talking of Cowboys

Giants defensive end Justin Tuck hasn't made a secret of his disdain for the Cowboys through the years. He has said he hates Dallas. He even called Jerry Jones' $1.3 billion stadium "a dump."

Cowboys star DeMarcus Ware has an intriguing explanation for all the chatter.

"He says that because maybe he wants to play here," Ware said Wednesday, according to the New York Daily News. "Everybody wants to play for the Cowboys. If I wasn't playing for the Cowboys, I would call (Cowboys Stadium a 'dump') too, because I want to play for them."

If you're picking up on the schoolyard vibe to all this, there's good reason. Ware essentially is equating Tuck to the boy who unmercifully teases a girl because he secretly likes her.

But Ware, who leads the NFL with 15 sacks, isn't exactly shy with his feelings on the Giants.

"I hate anytime we play them," Ware said. "It's just not the Giants, because guess what, the team is trying to come in here and take your manhood. So it don't matter who you're playing."

How one steals another's manhood via a football game is a mystery on this end. Some things are better without an explanation.

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