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Waking from dreams: Eagles fans irate after MNF loss to Bears

Eagles fans are not a happy bunch this morning.

Not after Philly's obscene home loss to the Bears on Monday night. Not after Michael Vick and the boys watched a fourth-quarter lead slip away once again (fourth time this season and counting). And not after Andy Reid's star-studded roster fell three games behind the Giants in an NFC East race that seems to hinge less and less on the Eagles by the week.

Just a sprinkling of the fan rage caught on WPEN-FM following the 30-24 crumbling:

» Postseason chances on life support:"One of the most heartbreaking losses I've ever seen as an Eagles fan. I was watching this and I just looked at this game with just utter anger and disdain. The playoff chances are on life support. Just straight up life support right now."

» Where were they?"Not a lot of players showed up tonight. It's mind-boggling to me -- week-to-week -- who shows up. And there's no reason in the world we should (have) lost this football game, and we did, and we did because of ... someone ought to leave a popcorn trail for Nnamdi Asomugha because this guy is as lost as you could possibly be out there. I can't tell you -- he looked like a spectator!"

» First-time caller, long-time listener, angry as ever: "This the first time I am calling. I am gonna say, I am not blaming this on the coaches, I am strictly blaming this on the players and it starts with Mike Vick. Hundred-million-dollar man at quarterback looked atrocious tonight. I don't know what he was throwing to, and not to have touchdown passes. I just thought he looked bad. (Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie) looks horrible. I really don't blame anything on the coaches tonight. I don't. I blame this strictly on the players. ... And DeSean Jackson… I don't know what's going on. I am sick and tired of hearing double teams. I am sick and tired of hearing it."

Are Eagles fans overreacting? Or is this Philly's altogether justified response to witnessing a slow-motion car wreck?

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