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Wade Phillips: NFL is biased against defensive players

Houston Texans defensive coordinator Wade Phillips believes the NFL is biased towards offensive players. That's not a unique thought.

Phillips shared his opinion when asked about Tim Dobbins' $30,000 fine for a hit on Chicago Bears quarterback Jay Cutler, who was later diagnosed with a concussion.

"I just don't see the fairness," Phillips told the Houston Chronicle. "I know Dobbins hit the guy. I understand that. (But) it's his first offense. If a linebacker gets put out for the season, it's $10,000 -- but it's $30,000 if the quarterback gets hit."

Phillips was referencing the $10,000 fine New York Jets lineman Matt Slauson received for an illegal block the ended Texans linebacker Brian Cushing's season. He also suggested that Cutler may have been concussed on one of his 11 runs. Cutler finished the half after the Dobbins hit.

"When did he get a concussion?" Phillips said. "You can't say he got it (then) for sure. When (the quarterback) is throwing the ball, you have to be careful. You can't determine if he's one yard or two yards across the line of scrimmage.

"I'm not saying the guy shouldn't be fined. I'm just saying I don't understand the fine system. Because it's on national TV and the Chicago quarterback got a concussion, now it's a big fine."

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