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Wade Phillips jabs at Dallas Cowboys on Twitter

Wade Phillips might be out of work, but he's not out of fire.

Apropos of nothing, the former Houston Texans defensive coordinator and Dallas Cowboys coach took to Twitter on Thursday and set his sights on the walls of Jerrah World.

Phillips was fired and replaced by Jason Garrett midway through the 2010 season and remains the only Cowboys coach to be dismissed in-season in Jerry Jones' 25 years of ownership. Phillips landed on his feet with the Texans, but was included in the purge when Bill O'Brien took over as head coach in January.

This isn't the first time Phillips has relied on data to illuminate his NFL success, and assumedly, to expose the hypocrisy of his unemployment. Lest we forget ...

And because why not, here are five more Phillips tweets to warm your soul.

The best.

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