Wade Phillips is the best, please recognize this reality

I just want to duck in here real quick and say Wade Phillips is the greatest.

Both of my grandfathers have passed on into the next life unfortunately, but as long as the Son of Bum is still around I feel like I have a surrogate senior role model in my life. By the way, Wade Phillips is the answer to a very important question:

What would it be like if grandpa was on Twitter? Well, let's see:

Wade, like Aaron Rodgers, is excited about the start of the NBA Finals.

Don't get it twisted though. Phillips is ride-or-die with the Lakers. Don't you ever question his allegiance.

Wade is super-pumped up about the number of units shifted on his new memoir, Son Of Bum.

The man is no one-trick pony with his tweet attachments, either. Let's go ahead and work under the assumption this was posted in reaction to one of our Around The NFL Podcast hits on Up To The Minute.

Wade's also hip to the music of the kids today.

I want to drink smooth Tennessee whiskey with Wade Phillips, who, not for nothing, has bits, too!

Wade Phillips is the best.

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