Aaron Rodgers celebrates NBA Finals with jumpers


Aaron Rodgers is a seasonal social media presence.

From September through February, he's all retweets and the occasional endorsement-necessitated plug. But the Packers quarterback lets down his hair during football's quieter months, something we've seen again throughout this offseason.

Rodgers has shared hot takes on the combine, told dad jokes, excused students from a finals exam, fat-shamed his younger self and pounded the table for the new Harry Styles solo album (our take: just listen to an old Oasis album instead). Rodgers has even carried on a bizarre pseudo-feud with a Shooter McGavin tribute account. It's a whole thing over there.

Rodgers expanded his social media portfolio this week with his first Instagram post. Rodgers, a huge sports fan outside his chosen profession, used the start of the NBA Finals as an opportunity to show off his impressive #midrange game.

(That's Phil Collins, not Harry Styles, playing in the background for the record. Missed opportunity IMO.)

You have to give Rodgers credit. There's nothing sexy about being an assassin from 18 feet away. No Disney film will ever be produced about a guy who could shoot 70 percent from the foul line extended.

But here's a life hack for you kids out there: Want to dominate every game of HORSE with your friends? Want to ensure you'll always have a spot in a pickup game? Want a girlfriend before college? Work on that mid-range game, baby.

The glory boys chucking the 3s are lost.