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Von Miller: Robert Griffin III isn't that special

Last year's No. 2 pick in the draft doesn't have a glowing opinion of this year's presumed No. 2 choice.

Denver Broncos linebacker Von Miller played against Robert Griffin III when Miller was with Texas A&M and Griffin was with Baylor. Miller saw talent in the man they call RG3, but not necessarily the makeup of a franchise stud.

"He can throw the ball pretty well, and he's fast. But if you hit him enough times, he's going to wear down," Miller said, according to "He can run and throw, but I wouldn't put him in that same class as (Michael) Vick, Cam (Newton) or (Josh) Freeman."

(Related side note: If RG3 turns out to be the 2011 edition of Josh Freeman, Redskins fans might just turn in their hog snouts for good.)

Not surprisingly, Miller had much nicer things to say about another first-round QB prospect in Ryan Tannehill, his former Aggies teammate.

"He can do everything you want from a QB," Miller said. "He can put it anywhere on the field, throw from under center or out of the gun. He throws on the run well but also showed he can make plays in the pocket. ... Right when he came in, we started to play better as a team."

Of course, when it comes to college football in Texas, all criticism and compliments probably need to be taken with a grain of salt. Rivalries operate on an advanced level.

Said Miller: "You know I can't say anything nice about somebody from Baylor."

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