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Vince Young wants to play for hometown Texans

One year after famously dubbing the Philadelphia Eagles the "Dream Team," Vince Young is dreaming of something else entirely.

"I would love to play at home. That would be a dream come true, and anything I can do to help out with the team," Young told KILT-AM in Houston via

It's hard to see a fit in Houston. The Texans have Matt Schaub and a great young backup in T.J. Yates. While Young might fit Gary Kubiak's scheme well, we highly doubt the Texans would want the distraction of signing such a popular local player.

Young said in the same interview that he "definitely" sees himself as a starter and would be happy to compete for a job. He isn't going to get the chance. The strange part is that Young can play.

He would have been a better option than Tim Tebow to challenge Mark Sanchez in New York. He could have pushed Blaine Gabbert in Jacksonville. Perhaps Kansas City still makes sense, but there aren't a lot of places we can see Young signing, much less competing to start.

Even the Eagles didn't want to keep him.

"One of the biggest things there was I asked Andy (Reid), 'Could I be part of the team again?' " Young said. "He was like, 'I would love for you to stay here, but you're not a backup quarterback,' so when I heard the big guy, big red, say that, it showed me more confidence and more respect that he had for me."

That's one way to take it. The other is that Reid fired Young in the nicest way possible.

Six years after their famous Rose Bowl clash, Young and Matt Leinart are unsigned and struggling to find work.

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