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Vince Young looks to make amends, revive NFL career

Vince Young will attempt to revive his career when he works out in front of NFL teams March 26 at the University of Texas pro day. He last played for the Philadelphia Eagles in 2011 and was cut from the Buffalo Bills before playing a single game in 2012.

Regardless, the No. 3 overall pick of the 2006 NFL Draft still believes in his skills.

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"I really feel like I can do a much better job than a lot of, most quarterbacks in the league," Young said Wednesday on "NFL AM."

Young blamed the issues surrounding his financial situation as the reason he was released by the Bills. He has filed a lawsuit in Houston claiming Ronnie Peoples, his former financial advisor, and former agent Major Adams misappropriated $5.5 million. Young also is fighting a $1.7 million court ruling over a lockout loan from Pro Player Funding LLC. He said his name will be cleared.

"I don't really feel like it was my game. I just really feel like (it was) some of the off-the-field issues," Young said about being cut. "I really feel like teams don't want their quarterback to be in a position where they're distracted.

"I was young at the time and I put my trust in a lot of people. I was getting taken advantage of. Basically I'm the victim of the situation. Just got to clean up that mess, just to let teams know I'm a little bit more mature than I used to be. I've grown a whole lot."

Young recently sent a letter to St. Louis Rams coach Jeff Fisher to apologize for his behavior during his stint with the Tennessee Titans. He said there were a lot of things going on in his life, which included the death of his mentor and former Titans quarterback Steve McNair.

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"I definitely wanted to apologize for the things that I did," Young said. "Letting him know about the frustrations, all the different things that were going on in my life at the time and wanted him to know I really did appreciate him trying to make me become one of those type of leaders on the team and a successful quarterback. ... At the time being immature and not paying attention and not listening and taking my frustrations out on a lot of people wasn't the right thing to do."

Young sounded like he's in a better place mentally, but he still pointed the finger at others for many of his problems. The courts will determine if what he's saying about his financial past is true. One thing we do know about the NFL is you'll get a second chance if you can play. That's what will determine Young's future in the league.

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