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Vikings RB Peterson isn't biting when asked about lack of use

Adrian Peterson is in the spotlight this week for being the rare kind of playmaker who doesn't get enough plays called for him.

Questions about his lack of use by the 0-3 Vikings are clearly uncomfortable for the running back, who risks undermining his coaching staff by saying what everyone else already knows.

Peterson was a guest on "The Rich Eisen Podcast" this week, where he proved to be an honor student in the pro athlete school of saying-something-without-saying-anything-at-all.

"When I look at the film, I can look at it and say, 'You know, I feel like we should have ran the ball in this situation, but then again, we had a good play here,'" Peterson said. "We didn't execute."

But what about the fact that your father said Monday you were "frustrated" with your role in Minnesota's 26-23 overtime loss to the Detroit Lions?

"Yeah, he was accurate," Peterson said. "I'm sure there was 52 other guys that were frustrated just walking off the field."

We're telling you, this guy's good. After some talk about Peterson's charity endeavor, "Football for Good," Eisen went back to the workload issue. Peterson still wasn't biting.

Eisen: "Your nickname has not been changed to half a day, correct?"

(extended pause)

Peterson: "That's correct."

Eisen: "You want me to text (Vikings coach Leslie Frazier)?"

(longer pause)

Peterson: "Oh man ... you know what? We're going to get things turned around, trust me."

Well played, All Day. Well played.

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