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Vikings' Kluwe clears air with McNabb over charitable donation

A simple jersey swap turned ugly there for a minute, but for those of you keeping tabs on the recent Chris Kluwe-Donovan McNabb dustup, a peaceful resolution is at hand.

Before the season, McNabb and the Vikings' punter struck a deal for Kluwe's No. 5 jersey. In exchange, McNabb promised to donate $5,000 to the Kick For A Cure charity. He also vowed to name-drop the punter's band, Tripping Icarus, in news conferences -- and buy Kluwe an ice cream cone.

(Why does this have the feel of a doomed 10th-grade love affair?)

Fast forward a few months. McNabb no longer is a Viking, Tripping Icarus has yet to play Wembley, and Kluwe -- now No. 4 (Brett Favre stares off into the abyss) -- couldn't help but wonder where his cold $5,000 (for America's youth) went.

Kluwe brought the matter to light last week, suggesting McNabb had failed to make good on the payment -- but that's all fixed now.

"He was more than willing to donate the check," Kluwe told reporters Friday, per "Like I said, I had never gotten a chance to ask him for it. I was planning on doing it at the end of the season. So he's going to send the check to Kick for a Cure."

Kluwe also embarked on a Twitter spree, dropping hammers from east to west:

"ATTENTION MEDIA VULTURES - I talked to Donovan and he's more than happy to write the check to Kick For a Cure, since he's a standup guy," Kluwe wrote Friday. "Like I said originally, this was on me because I hadn't had a chance to ask him since midseason.

"You may now return to pecking at the dead horse carcass of Tim Tebow. #cawcawcaw"

Dead animals secondary to this conversation, Kluwe still waits in the shadows for that ice cream cone.

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