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Vikings fans finally can start to celebrate

We hesitate to say anything is final in the Vikings' quest for a new stadium because it's been such a long, arduous, confusing road to get here. But Thursday's successful Senate vote has brought relief and clarity to the process.

While there is one last signature to go, Vikings fans can start to celebrate. In fact, they already have.  After Thursday's Senate vote, fans in attendance began to cheer loudly, chanting "Skol Vikings!." They were told to "talk to it to the hallway" like children acting up at school.

The fans deserve this moment. The Vikings franchise does too. No one wants to see a franchise move, and the Vikings have an incredible tradition in Minnesota. This agreement will remove the spectre or Los Angeles or any possible move. Make no mistake: it's over.

"The Stadium Bill just passed the Minnesota Senate. The only thing left to do is have the Governor sign it!" the Vikings Twitter account said. 

Vikings vice president Lester Bagley hugged another team official when the news happened and shouted, "Let's build it!" 

Bagley has been pushing for this moment for more than a decade. So has Vikings owner Zygi Wilf.  Longtime Vikings beat reporter Kevin Seifert, now with, says that Wilf "saved the franchise."

It's that kind of day in Minnesota. (This GIF from VikingsFanPage sums up the feelings of the town well.) 

The next hill to climb for the Wilfs: Get the Vikings back to the Super Bowl.

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