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Victor Cruz of Giants says Redskins not yet contenders

The New York Giants can essentially wrap up the NFC East on "Monday Night Football" this week with a win over the 5-6 Washington Redskins. Robert Griffin III has made Washington one of the toughest teams in the league to prepare for, but he's only one man.

Giants wide receiver Victor Cruz says the Redskins need a few more.

"They're still a couple pieces away from actually being a contender, them being in legitimate talks for playoffs and things like that," Cruz said on a conference call Wednesday via the Star-Ledger. "They're still a few pieces away whether it be defensively or wherever they are missing some pieces. But I think they've definitely -- they've got to be in the conversation. They've got a good team, they play good football, they hold the ball for a long time, and they really do some good things. So I definitely put them in that conversation, for sure."

We don't see Cruz's words as trash talk. He was asked a question and answered it honestly. The Redskinsare a few pieces away, especially on defense.

Cruz and the Giants are the big brothers in the NFC East because of their two Super Bowl rings. Cruz says the team is in "prime position" to make another title run.

The Redskins have been the worst team in the division on balance for more than a decade. It will take some high-profile wins by Washington -- like on Monday night -- to change that.

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