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Vick aims to stay healthy: 'I'm sliding now, I'm getting down'

The Eagles' season has crumbled into wreckage, but the return of quarterback Michael Vick provides Philly with a chance to close out this minor disaster on a positive note.

Be prepared, however, for a different Michael Vick. Set to face the Dolphins on Sunday after missing three games with broken ribs, he has made it clear he's done throwing caution -- and his body -- to the wind.

"I'm sliding now, I'm getting down," Vick told The Associated Press. "I've made my mind up. There's going to be times when I can't get those extra yards, but I have to get down. And I get too caught up in the game sometimes, but that leads to you being sidelined and not being accountable for your team on Sundays and not being out there.

"So I don't want to continue to put the team through that, and I understand how drastic that can be sometimes."

You have to travel back to 2006 to find the last season in which Vick started 16 regular-season games. His durability has been a chief concern this year -- he's played in just nine contests -- and for all the havoc he generates against defenses, a safer approach makes sense in this final month.

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