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Vernon Davis 'won't lose sleep' over 49ers contract

Vernon Davis skipped San Francisco 49ers offseason practices in the interest of developing his own brand.

As it turns out, that stance doesn't preclude the tight end from being a bipedal entity with a sense of perspective about his attempt to earn more than the $4.7 million he's due this season with two more years remaining on his contract.

"It's not the end of the world if I don't get (a new contract)," Davis told The Atlanta Journal-Constitution on Thursday. "If I get it, that's good. It's moving slowly, but surely.

"At the end of the day, if I don't get the deal, at least I tried and I put my foot down. If I don't get it at the moment, I'm not going to lose any sleep."

Davis falls into the Jimmy Graham-Eric Ebron camp of tight ends who believe they deserve to be compensated as hybrid wide receivers.

It's a fair point considering the evolution of football, with tight ends accounting for more production in the passing game. It's also fair to point out that Davis is responsible for signing a six-year contract in the prime of his career, limiting his earning potential with no chance to hit the open market.

The upshot for 49ers fans is that Davis' heart doesn't seem to be in a training-camp holdout.

We can't blame a grizzled veteran for skipping offseason workouts. We can blame him for the "branding" nonsense.

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