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Vernon Davis refutes Randy Moss' Kaepernick critique

Randy Moss doesn't want to be considered part of the media, even though he gets paid as an analyst for a media organization.

This week in a Fox Sports conference call with reporters, the non-media member media member was critical of the relationship between his former San Francisco 49ers teammates Vernon Davis and Colin Kaepernick.

"From my time there last year, it didn't seem Kaepernick and Vernon Davis had a rapport. They haven't shown that yet," Moss said Wednesday, according to the San Jose Mercury News.

We normally wouldn't care about such comments, except that Moss was in that locker room just eight months ago.

Davis got a chance Thursday to fire back at Moss' comments.

"I feel me and Colin are on a different level than where we were last year," Davis said, per the Mercury News. "You have to think about it: When a quarterback just steps in, it takes time to learn his receivers."

Davis had just six catches in the final six games of the 2012 regular season before the two clicked in several big playoff performances. Davis said working with the wide receivers more this year is helping his route-running and increasing his chemistry with the quarterback.

As far as Moss' critiquing, Davis brushed it off as a stale storyline based on old information.

"His job is to critique our offense and say whatever he feels is right," Davis said. "But my opinion is totally different from what he's saying. We're on a different level, for sure."

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