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Vernon Davis: Colin Kaepernick and I have chemistry

NEW ORLEANS -- Vernon Davis was honest last month about his lack of on-field connection with quarterback Colin Kaepernick.

"We don't have it," the San Francisco 49ers tight end said at the time, but we saw something different in the team's NFC title game win over the Atlanta Falcons. Davis hauled in five catches for 106 yards and a touchdown, spinning some of the magic he made with former starting quarterback Alex Smith.

"It took a little while at first," Davis said of building chemistry with Kaepernick during Tuesday's Super Bowl XLVII Media Day, "but as far as practice, we had to continue to work ... building chemistry and just learning one another, because Alex (Smith), he has been there since day one, and it took years to build what we had. But it didn't take too long to build that."

Davis vocally backed Smith when the veteran was benched with a 104.1 passer rating in November. That controversy is long over and Davis has warmed up to the new-look attack under Kaepernick.

"We pretty much have to support (Jim) Harbaugh's decision. He is the head coach, so whatever decision he makes, we have to support it. Whether we like it or dislike it," Davis said, adding that Smith isn't exactly crying in the corner:

"Alex is a class guy, he's been through so much, man," Davis said. "He's been on an emotional roller coaster, so I wasn't worried about Alex, because I know he can handle anything. He's been high, he's been low. He's just been through so much at a young age, so he can pretty much handle whatever comes his way."

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