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Unnamed scout: Matt Kalil has 'sense of entitlement'

An unnamed scout played whack-a-prospect with Robert Griffin III in the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel on Thursday. This time, USC offensive tackle Matt Kalil gets the treatment

"He doesn't have an offensive lineman's character, especially when you take into account how good his brother is in that way. He's got a real sense of entitlement," one scout told Bob McGinn. "Hey, he's got a lot of talent. He'll overcome some of those things if he doesn't want to wash out, if he doesn't want to end up being Robert Gallery."

(We have to wonder; Is this the same scout that crushed RG3?)

McGinn's entire offensive line rankings are worth a read. While the negative comments are eye-opening, it's great to hear how teams talk behind closed doors. Of course, it's not all negative on Kalil. We don't think Kalil's "sense of entitlement" will prevent him from getting taken third by the Vikings. It's not exactly a rare trait from a pro athlete that has been told he was special his whole life. Or pretty much anyone on a college campus.

"He's bigger, faster, stronger than his brother. He's so athletic," said Don Gregory, the Panthers' director of college scouting. "He will be a 10-year pro and protect your [expletive] out at left tackle.

While we're here, here were a few more fun nuggets from McGinn's profiles:

  1. Top-ranked center Peter Konz impressed with his brains: "He may be the smartest guy in this whole draft. Oh, my God, he's a genius on the board. Genius. We put him on the board and he blew it away. Great kid."
  1. A scout on Iowa State tackle Kelechi Osemele: "I just don't know if football is that important to him. He was raised by women, which bothers me. I mean, how tough can he be? It's not his fault, but it's still reality."

Ugh. Is it? Scouts would be better off sticking to football rather than amateur psychology.

  1. There was much disagreement about whether Mississippi tackle Bobby Massie could be a starter.
  1. Stanford guard David DeCastro was compared to Alan Faneca and Steve Hutchinson. He's seen as a top-10 talent. "I just don't think there's any miss factor to him," Bucs GM Mark Dominik said.
  1. One scout on Riley Reiff: "(Bryan) Bulaga has a lower ceiling but was more polished."
  1. Georgia guard Cordy Glenn was called the best "pure guard" in the draft, but others said he doesn't "love football" and just gets by with his size.
  1. One scout on Georgia center Ben Jones: "A buddy from another team called me yesterday and said, 'Our coaches love this guy. What am I missing?' He's small and weak and not a good athlete. Besides that, he's a hell of a player."

And ... that seems like the right note to go out on. Tune in Saturday for more from our running series: "When Scouts Attack."

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