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Umenyiora: Chance I'll 'be in a wheelchair' after NFL

Osi Umenyiora's contract remains a minor headache for the New York Giants' front office, but he's worth every penny on Twitter. The 30-year-old defensive end isn't afraid to speak his mind, even when it means calling out a former teammate.

On Tuesday, Umenyiora responded to Amani Toomer after the former Giants wideout lashed out at Kurt Warner, who said he would prefer that his children not play football due to the game's physical toll.

"I'd definitely have my son ... play football," Toomer told NBC SportsTalk last week. "That's what the Toomer family does. We all play football. But what this reminds me of is the guy at the basketball court, who once he gets done playing takes the ball and ruins the game for everybody else. I think Kurt Warner needs to keep his opinions to himself when it comes to this. Everything that he's gotten in his life has come from playing football. He works at the NFL Network right now. For him to try and trash the game, it seems to me that it's just a little disingenuous to me."

"Love Toomer thats my Guy, but he is dead wrong for attacking Kurt like that," Umenyiora tweeted.

Umenyiora predicts a grim future for himself when his playing days end:

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