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Tuck resents Cowboys envy notion; Jacobs says Dallas fears him

So, DeMarcus Ware believes Giants defensive end Justin Tuck called Cowboys Stadium "a dump" because he suffers from a case of Cowboys envy.

Tuck's response? Yeah, right -- not in football or in life.

"Me wanting to be a Cowboy?" Tuck asked rhetorically. "Hmm, well, I don't wear Wranglers. I don't wear cowboy hats or boots or those belts that -- what do you call those? -- yeah, the buckle belts. I don't wear none of that. And I don't need a star on my helmet to tell me I'm pretty good at what I do. ... I plan on retiring as a Giant."

Then there's Cowboys cornerback Mike Jenkins, who called Giants running back Brandon Jacobs "a bully." As expected, Jacobs had a response to that.

"I am a bully," Jacobs said assertively. "They can call me what they want. I think people who call out bullies are afraid of bullies."

Connecting the dots, yes, Jacobs believes the Cowboys fear him.

"If you call me a bully, that's how I see it," Jacobs said. "They're just sitting back, waiting for us to come there, and I think we're going in there ready to play football.

"If you go in there and bring it to them and keep bringing it to them all game long, somebody's going to break -- somebody's going to break. Either the person who's bringing it is going to be tired of bringing it, or they're going to get tired of trying to stop the person bringing it, and they're going to stop. Whoever wants it bad enough."

All this trash talk is starting to reek of John Cena vs. The Rock, except it's not as entertaining and it's somehow real. The Giants have lost four in a row since Osi Umenyiora's promise that the team wouldn't collapse, yet somehow they're lucky enough that they can tie the Cowboys for first place with a win Sunday. You'd think their focus would be squarely on the game itself.

Apparently it isn't.

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