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True statement: 'Statement wins' don't exist this season

You say "statement win," our response is that there is no such thing in the NFL this year.

The Chiefs provided us with the latest example that we're right about this.

Kansas City was God-awful during Sunday's 31-3 shellacking at home to the previously winless Dolphins. But just six days earlier on their home field, the Chiefs had experienced a supposed season-defining "statement win" over AFC West-rival San Diego that vaulted them into first place.

Then Matt Moore shreds Kansas City's defense? If Hank Stram were alive and on Twitter, we're sure he'd post this: "U gotta be kidding me. What the hell was that? SMH."

Besides the Chiefs, we've seen this happen to other teams. Among them: The Raiders and Steelers.

Oakland has struggled since its big road win in Houston just 24 hours after the death of Al Davis. Pittsburgh, meanwhile, couldn't follow up their big win over the Patriots last week with an even bigger one and instead had its defense fail down the stretch in Sunday's 23-20 loss to the Ravens.

We get why this happens. Emotions run high after big wins, and they're not easy to maintain from one week to another. Which is why we're positive this will happen again many times in the second half of the season.

So the next time your team finally gets that "statement win," think before you go preaching about it to all your friends on Facebook.

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