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Troy Aikman: Cowboys should draft their next QB

NEW ORLEANS -- This is not a story about Troy Aikman believing the Dallas Cowboys should replace Tony Romo. Let's make that clear up front.

Now ...

During a Thursday appearance on " Super Bowl Live," Aikman was asked if the Cowboys should think about drafting another quarterback with Romo closing in on his 33rd birthday.

"I like the way the Packers did it for all those years," Aikman said. "To bring a guy in essentially every season, whether you draft him in the fourth round or fifth round or third round, whatever it might be. I think there's something to be said for that."

"I don't think they need another quarterback -- make that clear -- but because of Tony's age they certainly have to start addressing who the guy is going to be who comes in after him, and if there's a guy that they can pick up and maybe develop in the third or fourth round. I think that's a real positive thing."

The Packers have enjoyed the ultimate embarrassment of riches, going from one MVP quarterback in Brett Favre to another in Aaron Rodgers. Green Bay has drafted 12 quarterbacks since 1992, giving them more opportunities to hit on the next franchise star.

The Cowboys aren't guaranteed their own Hall of Famer, but considering Life After Romo isn't such a bad idea.

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