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Triplets ponder Cowboys' downfall on Eisen podcast

They are fondly remembered as the Triplets.

Emmitt Smith, Troy Aikman and Michael Irvin won three Super Bowls together as members of the Dallas Cowboys, but the famed trio have rarely sat down together before a camera to share about the team's reign during the 1990s.

NFL Network's Rich Eisen reeled them in last week on the outskirts of Big D. During an engaging session on the The Rich Eisen Podcast, Aikman spoke honestly about coach Jimmy Johnson's departure from the team on the heels of victory in Super Bowl XXVIII. Johnson's fractured relationship with owner Jerry Jones led to his departure and left the Dallas faithful wondering what could have been.

"I think that the chemistry of it all began to change you know ... when we lost Jimmy," Aikman told Eisen. "You know the argument of Jimmy and Jerry ... that can go on forever, they'll write books about that, that's fine. But for us, Jimmy was the guy we answered to. We weren't worried about who Jimmy answered to. For us, we answered to Jimmy and in our eyes Jimmy was the guy that put it together, he's the one we had to deal with. Well when that changed, then everything started changing a little bit and we started to slide a little bit. Michael was talking about the demands of Jimmy and what he expected, well, when you start to lose that edge, however slight it is then there is that other team who is hungry and they are gaining that edge."

Irvin summed it up: "We needed it (Jimmy's demands). We needed it, let's be real. Troy and Emmitt, these are good guys, but we had a whole bunch of other guys and Jimmy brought it all together and kept us well, and kept us focused."

This one's a must-listen for Cowboys fans; for those who delight in their downfall; and for all who dig the history of the game.

Don't miss this one. You can download the entire podcast at or subscribe on iTunes.

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