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Trent Dilfer: Mark Sanchez had 'cluttered mind' in 2012

Mark Sanchez has some demons to exorcise if he wants to be successful next season, according to ESPN analyst and former quarterback Trent Dilfer.

The New York Jets' signal-caller clearly regressed in 2012. His 54.3 completion percentage was the second-worst among quarterbacks with 350-plus attempts. Sanchez threw 13 touchdown passes and 18 interceptions. His season can be summed up in a single play -- the infamous butt fumble.

Dilfer told ESPN New York's Rich Cimini that the hiring of offensive coordinator Tony Sparano was the beginning of Sanchez's awful season.

"The worst hire ever," Dilfer said of Sparano. "I was like, 'Oh, my gosh, are you kidding me?' You're talking about a defense-centric, offense-minimalizing coach.

"It made you want to throw up in your mouth."

Sanchez also had a career-high 14 fumbles on a career-low 22 rushing attempts.

"(Sanchez) was locked up from his brain to his toes," Dilfer said. "A cluttered mind equals a slow body. That's how he played. It tells you something else was going on upstairs. If anyone can get him out of that, it's Marty (Mornhinweg)."

Dilfer believes the new offensive coordinator's West Coast scheme -- with its quicker reads and shorter routes -- will benefit Sanchez. (Another playmaker or two might help too). The Jets sure hope so, considering he's about to start the second year of a five-year, $58.25 million contract.

"The demons might be too loud; they might be too much to overcome," Dilfer said. "But at least now the guy has a chance. I thought Marty was one of the best hires in a long time."

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